Friday, 21 December 2012

Toyota teases Furia sedan concept - Is it Toyota Corolla's precursor ? Video

Toyota announces the Furia sedan concept, which will first be shown at 2013 North American International Auto Show. So, on January 14, 2013 the world could see a new sedan from Toyota.

Not to be mistaken for Mazda Furai, this car, called "Furia", should be one of the more important things for Toyota. It has some carbon fiber accents like the rear lip spoiler you see in the image above, and there are funky, concept car-spec lighting elements at both the front and rear. It may or may not live in fire based on the footage we see here, too.

With the Furia Concept, Toyota can showcase how its cars in the near future are going to look like. It will obviously be used to gauge public response but wouldn't it be nice if they put it into production! Imagine another performance oriented Toyota, just like the good old days

Full details will be revealed at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in a couple of weeks.


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