Sunday, 23 December 2012

Su-Kam Automate Automotive battery introduced for three wheelers and cars

The reknowned Power solution provider - Su-Kam launched "AUTOMATE" batteries - which will be for the automotive application. These batteries are compatible to be equipped in three-wheelers as well as in Passenger vehicles.

The new automotive batteries are designed to perform in temperatures ranging from -18ºC to +55ºC with their All Weather Technology (AWT) that ensures their durability and longevity in excessive temperatures.

S B Ganguly, Board of Director at Su-Kam (ex-Director, Exide Industries) said, “Living up to our philosophy of offering uninterrupted power supplies to our customers, we now offer Automate, unique automobile battery to ensure uninterrupted power supply for your vehicles. Backed by technological innovations this battery has been designed to ensure that your car runs smoothly no matter how rough terrain or how extreme the weather conditions.”

AUTOMATE is available nationally through Su-Kam's extensive dealer network.


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