Friday, 14 December 2012

Nissan Duster coming to India by Diwali 2013

Renault-Nissan India was a collaboration to make similar platform products under different badge and separate prices. The partnership is now well known in India for badge engineering as the duo together have made several products. say Renault's Pulse based on Nissan's Micra platform.

Similar is the case happened with Sunny-Scala. Nissan's popular sedan in India named "Sunny" gathering sales of apprx. 3,000 units per month triggered fire within Renault and then it gave birth to Scala, which is mechanically similar and almost similar identically, baring few more chrome inserts in Scala and typical Renault hexagonal grill in front.

Nissan Motors India, better known as NMI had earlier confirmed the production of Duster based SUV for the Indian market. As per the latest sources, Nissan plans to launch Duster (ofcourse by another name) by Diwali 2013 in India . The Japanese car maker says will be entirely different from Renault's Duster and will not be just platform sharing. 

View more details here.


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