Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Matchless Motorcycles gets a rebirth

The Matchless brand, formerly in Greek hands, has been acquired by Franco Malenotti, the Italian behind the revitalization of Belstaff apparel. Franco and his two sons Emanuele and Michele are planning to build a limited run of motorcycles based on the classic G80, Silver Hawk and Silver Arrow, with no info on the potential upgrades disclosed at the moment of writing.

Franco Malenotti along with sons Emanuele and Michael transformed the Belstaff brand into a globally successful fashion brand and aims to do the same with the Matchless brand after buying it from a Greek owner who spent £45,000 buying the rights to the name in 2006.

Plans for Matchless apparently centre around low volume production of retro bikes using the old bikes for inspiration along with a clothing brand toomatch


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