Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ice creams and Soaps could be the next fuel for cars

Researchers, led by Professor Nick Turner used synthetic biology to hijack the naturally-existing fatty acids and direct those fatty molecules towards the production of ready-to-use fuel and household chemicals.

Researchers at the University of Manchester have identified that hydrocarbon chemicals found in ice-creams, soaps and shampoos could be used as a ready-to-use fuels in cars.

Hydrocarbon chemicals are everywhere in our daily lives, as fragrance in soap, thickener in shampoo and fuel in the car. Their number of carbons and whether they are acid, aldehyde, alcohol or alkane are important parameters that influence how toxic they are to biological organisms, the potential for fuel and their olfactory perception as aroma compounds.

As per the researchers, they are still working on the subject and a final research report is yet to be published soon. 


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