Sunday, 16 December 2012

House on Highway finally demolished - Chinese couples finally agrees

The elderly Chinese couple was in news for long time now for their house which stood in between the proposed highway in China. The government however decided to build the highway and the elderly couple was offered a sum of 200,000 Yuan to which the couple refused. Bullish government and local property developers failed to convince the elderly couple to let them demolish the house which, was in the way of their highway construction.

The couple had refused to move or have their house demolished citing discrepancies in compensation amount being offered but have finally relented when they found that they were in the middle of a traffic jungle when authorities built a major motorway around their five storey house.

Demolition work commenced on Saturday in the city of Wenling, Zhejiang province where Luo Baogen and his wife had earlier this year, refused to more or permit their house from being demolished. This house in question was finally pulled down while onlookers witnessed bulldozers and diggers at work to raise the house to the ground.

Luo, 67 had spent 600,000 yuan (Rs 52.33 lakhs) on completing the house and finally accepted the government's offer for 260,000 yuan (Rs 22.67 lakhs) in the face of pressure and development.

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