Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Future MINI cars to be lighter

Anders Warming, the design chief at Mini, has hinted at the future Mini cars being Lighter, Smaller and high on Connectivity.

Talking about the interiors of the future Mini vehicles, Mr. Warming said: “We’re going to be focusing increasingly on issues like connectivity, because that’s part of the life that people live, and obviously we also have a big display as far as the connectivity today, but this will also be a central pillar in the future design of MINI interiors. One thing that I always say and that is very important for me to put is that the round display in the center of the MINI is here to stay. I believe that the central display in each MINI is an icon, and this is where all our connectivity really has to have a inner stage, where people could really live their connected life through the central display.”

Source - BMWblog


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