Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Do you like the Ford EcoSport without the Spare wheel at the Tailgate ?

Ford EcoSport has been caught lot of times testing across, sometimes, with an Automatic transmission, sometimes with a 4WD and other times the Videos of Orange EcoSport testing in outskirts of Chennai and another time a White colored EcoSport on highways.

However, this time the car was spotted without a Spare wheel at the tail gate and looks like a neat mixture of hatch and a MUV.  The mini SUV was spotted in Brazil.  It is still unclear from the picture that is it a test mule or is it a car modified by one of the consumers. We will get into the details of this car and will get back to you about is Ford planning another variant of this car or is it just a way to modify the car ?

Meanwhile, you guys have to tell us which variant of EcoSport do you prefer - the one without a Spare wheel at the tail gate or the one with a SUV looks - with a spare wheel.


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