Tuesday, 25 December 2012

2015 Fiat Punto to be named Pandona

Fiat recently unveiled its future plans for India and ofcourse, Punto being a very important of Fiat's line up too had some great plans. The Italian car maker plans to introduce the next generation Punto with a new name - could be named "Pandona" and a new home, its production could move to Serbian factory in Kragujevac from currently Melfi facility in Italy.

Fiat could use the skeleton of the current model as the framework for the new Punto. This direction can save cost and time considerably, the two factors that Fiat and the Punto nameplate are at war with. Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne estimated this year’s losses are pegged at 700 million Euros while the Punto is a 7.5 year old model that has received two cosmetic refreshes to hide signs of ageing.

Fiat also hinted out that the next generation Punto, "The Pandona" could come equipped with a 1.6L Multijet engine inspite of the current 1.3L Multijet.

Source - ilgiornale.it


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