Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Nissan Sunny launches in Malaysia with Impul body kit

Nissan has launched the Sunny sedan in Malaysia with introduction of eye catching Impul body kit. The Nissan Almera sits in a price range of RM 66,800 (around Rs. 11.87 lakhs) to RM 79,800 (around Rs. 14.19 lakhs) including taxes and insurance.

It is made available with an optional ‘Premium Navi’ pack which will include touchscreen multimedia system with Bluetooth and rear parking camera.

Nissan has also launched the Impul body kit with an array of aerodynamic and visual add-ons which can be had at an additional RM 9,500 (around Rs. 1.69 lakhs).

A set of body kits and several additional parts, such as a new grille, sports rims, IMPUL Blast 2 exhaust muffler, 17-inch IMPUL Aura SX-20 rims and IMPUL Complete Aerokit Rear Wing Spoiler are now part of the vehicle's exterior.

This tuner also installed a special suspension setup, the IMPUL Sports Suspension System, which is lower and improves the handling of the car. The Super Cast applied by IMPUL shaves 20-30% weight off of the rims compared to the standard process, resulting in a better, safer and more comfortable vehicle performance.


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