Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interesting - Ford creates sub-brand "Jia Yue" in China

In an interesting scoop, Ford will be creating a sub-brand in China which would be called as "Jia Yue" which means "Good Leap" in English.

Ford in China is operating along with the Joint Venture company Changan Ford. Chinese website Auto.Sohu has revealed the name and the logo of the new brand. The logo has two wings and the car which has been scooped is the Ford Focus Classic.

As done be all other brands - Datsun from Nissan and similar from VW , Skoda and Toyota, Ford too might create the identity of this brand as a Low Cost brand, however this still needs to be confirmed from Ford Motors.

The move comes at an interesting point of time where the times have been very tough and launching cheaper vehicles to acquire the major market share has been the strategy by the most and at the time without hampering the brand image and the reputation - the car makers are bound to launch vehicles under a separate brand name and here is the similar strategy adopted by the American auto maker.

How much the strategy would paid off - time will only tell. Let us wait for Ford to reveal this brand to the world and let us then see how it takes off.


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