Saturday, 3 November 2012

Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel special edition is here

Sebastian Vettel recently unveiled the Infiniti FX, Vettel version at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This limited edition Infinite FX hosts a 5-litre V8 engine that produces 420PS of power, has a limited top speed of 250km/h and is capable of touching 100km/h from standstill in just 5.6 seconds. But that isn’t the only awe-inspiring fact about the car. Light and extremely aerodynamic, offering greater downforce at high speeds, the car uses the same carbon-fibre standard that is used in the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars. The Red Bull Racing driver has also been instrumental as part of the test driving team, providing much valuable feedback to the engineers.

The Infiniti FX Vettel Edition is available only in Moonlight White at a price of €120,000 (Rs 83 lakh approx). Only 150 units of this limited edition car will be made, of which 50 units have been assigned to Middle East, Russia and Western Europe, respectively.


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