Monday, 19 November 2012

EcoSport and Duster continue to fight in Brazil - Who will win in India ?

The Indian SUV lovers have received the Renault's Duster on 04th July 2012 whereas the Ford's EcoSport will show its face in early 2013. We have already seen the response of Renault's Duster (click here for monthly sales figures) whereas we are yet to see the response of Ford's EcoSport and there have already been a lot of fight going on between the two (Find which one is better).

However, if we see the sales figure of Brazil, where both of these cars have been launched, we see that Last month of October saw EcoSport registering massive sales of 6525 units with the Duster managing 4871 units. A difference of 1654 units separated the two big names in the utility car space.

However, the fight became more intense and in November, Renault's Duster has already grabbed 2253 nos. while Ford's EcoSport is lagging behind with 1444 units. However, these figures are till date, there are still many days for the month to end. Let's wait for the month to end and decide which one will win.

However, what do you think, while Ford's EcoSport when launched in India will be able to beat Renault's Duster in nos. which is already doing a healthy 4000+ units per month ?


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