Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Audi starts pre owned car business -"Audi approved Plus" in India

Audi will now jump into the used car market for India starting December 2012 under the brand name - "Audi Approved Plus". Recently, Volkswagen too enter the used car business in India under brand name - "Das WeltAuto"

Audi Approved Plus will be implemented at 8 dealerships in the initial phase and will slowly be implemented in other dealerships all over the country. Cars at these dealerships will be subjected to 110+ checkpoints so as to make sure that the car is in tip top condition. According to a Gurgaon-based Audi dealer, a basic 2009 model A4 diesel saloon will cost anywhere between Rs 18-19 lakh in the Audi pre-owned outlets compared to Rs 30.10 lakh for a brand-new model. Authorised Audi dealers are planning to open the pre-owned outlets adjacent to the new ones, or in the vicinity, in various cities including Gurgaon.

"For many future buyers, an Approved Plus Audi will be their first Audi and therefore we would like to make the Approved Plus experience match the new car buying experience." said Mr. Perschke.

"Aligned with company's vision and brand values, our dealerships will be the focal point of the Audi Approved: plus program in creating delighted and loyal customers by providing them with best in class Approved Plus experience. By March 2013, all three NCR dealerships will offer dedicated Approved Plus facilities. To ensure that the program meets international standards and is at par with Audi's global image, we are investing in a full blown internal program comprising of guidelines, training resources, tracking customer satisfaction and reviews. The program will be effectively and efficiently marketed via premium communications that reiterate our company's brand value", added Mr. Perschke.


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