Saturday, 27 October 2012

Volkswagen outsells General Motors in China for first time

Volkswagen, as you would already know has chalked out plans to be the largest auto maker world wide in 2018.  The car maker aims to beat Toyota, which is currently the largest auto maker in the world and General Motors, which is the second largest automobile player in the world, as per 2010 statistics.

Fate seems to be along with VW, while it aims to be number one. China, the world's largest market for automobile, is where the growth story lies for all the automobile players, and similar is the case for VW, Toyota and General Motors. As you would know, Chinese people are already on a protest wherein they would not purchase a Japanese car owing to which the sales of Japanese cars in China have been on a low and the Japanese car makers have reduced the production of cars at their Chinese plants. Good for Volkswagen, as its biggest rival Toyota will again be on the low after last year's disaster at Japan. 

General Motors, wherein the analysts believe have old models in China, is again favoring the German based car maker, Volkswagen. VW, for the first time in China is reported to have crossed the sales for this quarter, higher than General Motors, which is the ace brand in China.

Volkswagen's sales in China, its largest marker, increased by 21 percent last quarter to 704,991 units compared to GM's sales of 664,765 vehicles in this quarter. However, if we year to date figure, GM is still ahead of its German rival by 77,000 units.


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