Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tata Motors might launch price cut Tata Safari after Storme launch

Tata Motors are officially phase wise launching the Safari Storme starting from 17th October 2012. We already knew that Tata Safari's earlier version is going to stay & sold along with Safari Storme but what's more interesting that has came into light is that Tata might launch a price cut version of currently running Tata Safari.

As the speculations go that Tata Safari Storme would obviously command a higher premium than the current Safari and thus could make it a little costlier as the customer would expect. Therefore, Tata Motors might launch this price cut version of Tata Safari, as you could see from the images, that the front and the rear bumpers are blackened out, and even there is no body colored ORVM's and the side cladding and the absence of fog lamps further makes us believe that this could be a price cut version of Tata Safari. The image was well captured by our good friends at Motorbash.

Also, you could see that the rear wheel has an alloy wheel which highlights this could be a premium version but we expect Tata Motors to launch this model - which would be a price cut version and stop producing all the current variants of Tata Safari - thereby leaving the customers an option of purchasing either a price cut Tata Safari older version or go for the new Tata Safari Storme.

Stay tuned for more information.


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