Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nissan to launch 10 new products for India including Nissan's Duster

Nissan Motors India, NMI is all set to grab a major chunk of the fast growing Indian automobile market. Nissan entered the Indian market in 2005 with a target to capture a small market - with two models, X-Trail and Teana, both priced above Rs 20 Lac range. The car maker later introduced the Indian market with 370Z too, however it could sell only in single digits.

Later in 2010, the car maker launched the hatchback in order to woo the growing hatchback buyers and to take benefit of the long waiting time of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. The car maker also introduced the Indian market with Sunny sedan in 2011 but both of them combined could not mark a dent in the Indian market, however it certainly improved Nissan's perception in India and did a lot for taking the numbers for Nissan to few thousands every month.

Over the next four years, Nissan hopes to change that scenario - it is aiming to prop up share from 1.5% to 8% by 2016 with the help of 10 new products; this will include the Datsun range, which will be positioned below the Nissan models. In the near term, Nissan is counting on the ace which is currently doing wonders for Renault across the globe since 2000 and in India since July 2012. Yes, we are talking about the Nissan's plans of sharing platform with Renault for Duster. (View more info on Nissan's Duster)

Nissan Motors India has plans to launch 10 products for Indian market including the Duster SUV and also the Datsun range for India thereby taking its market share from current 1.5% to 8% in 2016.  Datsun range, will be placed below the Nissan range of models.

Image Source - Economictimes


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