Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nissan Duster based SUV confirmed for India - code named NH79

Nissan Motors India, better known as NMI has confirmed the production of Duster based SUV for the Indian market. As we all know, Renault-Nissan India was a collaboration to make similar platform products under different badge and separate prices. The partnership is now well known in India for badge engineering as the duo together have made several products. say Renault's Pulse based on Nissan's Micra platform and Renault Scala based on Nissan Sunny.

The collaboration in India will now extend its portfolio where in Nissan Motors will work on launch of product based on Duster SUV which is code named NH79. The car maker though did not confirmed the launch of this vehicle, however if all goes well and by the past trend of sharing platforms, the Japanese car maker should launch this SUV by end of 2013.

Mr. Colin Dodge, Nissan’s executive vice-president while speaking to Autocar said that Nissan’s version of the Duster will go beyond badge engineering. “We’ve got quite a differentiated car and the differences are far more significant than on the V-platform products (Micra/Pulse and Sunny/Scala). The hood and the fenders have differences and the bumpers are different too. But it’s more than just a bumpers and grille change for sure,” said Dodge.

According to sources, Renault could delay the sharing of the Duster with Nissan until 2014, as this SUV is seen as the ticket to building Renault’s brand presence in India. Renault sold over 4,000 Dusters in September and sales are likely to further increase going into the festive season.


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