Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Maruti Suzuki New Alto / M800 reaches the dealers stockyard

As we had already informed our keen readers, asking about Maruti Suzuki's new Alto / M800, that the launch date has been finalized as 16th October 2012, which also has a spiritual touch to it, immediately after Shrads are over and auspicious time to buy cars starts, and this is when Maruti Suzuki will launch its much awaited - the highest selling model - The New Alto.

We had also briefed you about the dealers which had already started accepting the bookings of this car, that means, by paying just Rs 5,000 you can book this car and can get eligible for an early delivery of this car as soon as this launches.  The website of the car is already working now and shows a teaser image of its headlamps.

We have not received the information that the demo cars have already started reaching the dealers and very soon the test drives would be started by the dealers. the Alto 800 is more spacious than the Alto F8D, mainly due to the scooped out seats that liberate extra leg room at the rear, a bane of small cars. The Alto 800 will be powered by the F8D, 3 cylinder 796cc engine, albeit with a higher torque figure.

Stay tuned for more information.


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