Saturday, 13 October 2012

Is this the Nissan Micra/Sunny facelift - A closer look at it and lets solve this problem

These are few of the Images which have been floating across the web for quite a few days now and have left all our Indian bloggers scratching their head as to which car is this as the car is completely camouflaged and is difficult to spot accurately which car is this.

The image is posted by our good friends - Motorbash and has now been thought upon by everybody else that is it actually a Micra facelift. However, we could analyze this problem, if you carefully analyze the side of the car you could easily see the beautiful line running across its body, which moves over its complete wheel and merges with the front of the bumper - which makes its resemblance with Nissan Sunny / Renault Scala. However, if you see the Nissan Micra image, this line does not extends itself to merge with the bumper, thereby leaving no doubt that its a Micra.

Also, if you could analyze at B-pillars, which are blackened out is the case of Nissan Sunny or even in Renault Scala. Also, the rear window glass shows the curve which goes back - though not visible properly, but if you compare this with Micra - the rear quarter of the glass is very small and is not as large as shown in the image - which again rules out the possibility of this being the Micra facelift.

This leaves us with only two options - either this is a Nissan Sunny facelift or a Renault Scala. Nissan Sunny being introduced just a year and a half ago with diesel variant not even an year ago, we doubt this would be a Nissan Sunny facelift, and leaves us with the option of this being nothing but a Renault Scala facelift.

However, we would still apologize to all our readers for not clearly bringing out the clarity that this vehicle is it a Nissan Sunny facelift or a Renault Scala. Let us work on this for some time, talk to company experts and will get back to all of you regarding what's going on at Nissan.


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