Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hyundai announces small capacity Turbo petrol engines to counter Ford's 1.0L Ecoboost engine

Hyundai Motor Company has showcased an array of next generation hi-tech engines at the ’12th Hyundai Motor Group international power train conference’ in South Korea.

The trend of small capacity Turbo petrol engine was catching up very fast in Europe, wherein VW and even Renault had their small turbocharged Petrol engines. While, Renault has its TCE90 Motor, which is a 3 cylinder 900 cc engine whereas Volkswagen also displayed its 1.0L 3 cylinder turbocharged motor during the Sao Paulo Motor Show at Brazil, which was displayed at its Compact SUV Taigun. Ford too displayed its silent 1.0L EcoBoost engine which will deliver 120 bhp of power and will be equipped firstly in its upcoming Compact SUV for India and Chinese market. The Ford EcoSport will be launched in India in January 2013 and will followed by Chinese market. The compact SUV has already been launched in Brazil and Argentina.

The South Koreans and Japanese have however been very quiet on development of small turbocharged motor, but recently South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai too displayed its small turbocharged 1.0L Petrol motor which will deliver 105 bhp of power and 137 N-m of torque.

Hyundai also showcased a 1.1 litre diesel engine based on the U2 family (used on the Hyundai i20 in the UK) and a 2.0 litre R series diesel. The 1.1 litre diesel is important for India as it’ll be powering the next gen Hyundai i10 which had already started its testing phase in India. 


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