Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Honda Motors teases Brio sedan on Thailand website, launch soon

Honda Motors have teased Brio sedan on their Thailand website and this is an indication that the sedan would be launched in Thailand soon. Honda Motors also launched the CNG version of City sedan in Thailand however the same is yet to be launched for the Indian market any time soon. The Indian market is also awaiting the launch of Brio Automatic, which is scheduled to be launch any time soon, sources close to company say its on 18th October 2012.

Thailand is the lead market for the Brio platform and qualifies for the Thai eco car project. Honda may use the Thailand International Motor Expo to launch the Brio sedan. Two years back the company had showcased the Brio production car concept here. The Brio sedan would come to India in April 2013 and it is also said that the Brio sedan would be the first model from Honda to carry a Diesel variant.

Initially only the petrol will be on offer for Brio sedan and later the company will install a diesel heart which is going to be the first diesel engine by Honda for the Indian market. We can also expect the Brio sedan in the Indian market to be offered with an automatic transmission.


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