Friday, 26 October 2012

Honda CBR 500 - Clear images and full details including Specifications revealed

You could easily see through the images the three motorcycles - CBR 500, CB 500, CB 500X of which the CBR500 will be a mini-me version of the CBR1000RR, the CB500 that of the CB1000R and the CB500X will mimic the recently introduced NC700X.

All three motorcycles are said to be aimed at the entry level motorcycle buyers in developed and developing markets. The 500cc twin cylinder engine is essentially 2 CBR250R cylinders arranged in a parallel twin layout. So, expect the 76X55 mm bore and stroke layout to be carried over to the 500cc engine as well. Incidentally, this short stroke engine layout has its origins in the top of the line CBR1000RR sportsbike, which also features the same bore-stroke size. Therefore, the new 250cc and 500cc engines’ designs are said to be derived from the top end high performance in-line 4 motor.

The technical specifications of Honda CBR 500R are -

470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin
- Six-speed manual
- 46.9bhp
- 30lb/ft of torque
- 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)
- 105mph top speed
- 31-inch seat height
- 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)
It’s also close to double the power of the CBR250 without doubling the weight. Where that bike makes .073bhp per wet pound, the CBR500 makes .109. That puts it into the middle of a performance gap in the market. Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 weighs 460lbs (wet) and makes 71bhp, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of .154, while the new Ninja 300 makes 39bhp and weighs 379lbs, giving it .103 horses to pounds.

Stay tuned for more information. View more images here.

Source - hellforleathermagazine


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