Monday, 8 October 2012

Centre gives nod for formation of Quadricycles - a new segment

The Government, after the much generated controversy approved a new segment - Quadricycles in the Automotive space.  The basic concept of this vehicle would be a four wheeler vehicle but would be placed above a regular three wheeler but below a four-wheeler. This segment however would not meet the safety and emission norms of the regular passenger car and would have its own set of regulations.

The Ministry of Roads has formed a technical committee to examine all aspects including safety norms which would then enable the government to announce a policy. So far, only Europe has a quadricycle segment with the Renault Twizy being one example. However, so far there has been no interest shown by Renault to introduce Twizy in the Indian market but the french based car maker can do so if at all can meet the cost competitiveness of the Indian majors like Bajaj, Tata Motors, Piaggio, Mahindra and TVS.

The above names could be some of the prospective first comers to enter into this segment. Something definitely interesting happening in the automotive space. 


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