Thursday, 2 August 2012

Official - Honda finally decides to discontinue Civic from Indian market

Honda Siel Cars India, HSCI has finally decided and announced that the car maker will discontinue this model from the Indian market. The company confirmed that the dealers have finally exhausted their stocks of Honda Civic and will now not be replenished.  

The car maker had stopped the production of Civic a few months ago and had already set plans to launch new version of Civic for International markets but it was confirmed that the car would not be launched in Indian market as it does not has a diesel option. The car though comes internationally fitted with 1.6L diesel motor but the car maker confirmed it would not be viable to sell this model in India fitted with 1.6L motor. 

The car maker managed to sell less than 750 units of Civic in 7 months, averaging out to be little more than 100 cars a months however Toyota Corolla managed to sell 700 cars a month during period January - June 2012, Skoda Laura 350 per months and VW Jetta 200 units per month. This clearly makes Honda Civic the lowest selling executive sedan for Indian market. 

Honda however has plans to launch Brio and City with diesel variants and are expected to bow in Indian market in March 2013. There was also a rumor that the cars with diesel variants are expected to be launched by Diwali but the company officials did not confirmed the same. 

We had also shown you spy videos of Brio Diesel getting tested on roads in Noida, click here for same. Stay tuned for more updates. 


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