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Nissan Evalia - Test Drive, Reviews, Interiors, Specifications, details and Images

Nissan has launched several products in India and has been selling X-Trail and Teana for quite a long in India. The Japanese car maker also sells 370Z in India and its been 2 years almost when the car maker launched Micra hatchback to rival the then growing Hatchback market in India. The car could not do much in numbers however it could gave Nissan a presence in India. The car maker is still exporting 70% of Micra to other countries.

The car maker with the launch of Sunny in September 2011, though only a petrol version could turn few heads and made people understand and realize Nissan has some big plans for Indian market. With a starting price of Rs 5.78 lakh, it could atleast make the people turn their heads and look carefully as to what makes this monster looking Caaar, sell at price of just a Hatchback. However, with no diesel variant for India did not make any sense, but the car maker then managed to launch a Diesel variant with K9K , 1.5L, 85 bhp motor fitted into it in December 2012. The caaar was agressively priced at Rs 7.98 Lakh, XL Diesel variant.

The car now sells descent 2,500-3,000 number per month in India and exports another 6,000 per month. However, as per last month figures Nissan Sunny is highest selling sedan by numbers in India.

Now with the launch of Nissan Evalia, just cornering around, the eyes are rolling back again to see what would Nissan offer to its Indian customers and how would its rivals react to it. Nissan Evalia is a no nonsense car, however if this should be priced little higher compared to Maruti's Ertiga and still we have a gut feeling, this will sell a descent 2,000 numbers per month, making it ofcourse less sellable to Maruti's Ertiga or even Toyota's Innova.

The car maker has offered a car for the test drive and here are the images, and review of exteriors, Interiors and other small small details of the car which could make a huge difference while your purchasing decision of the car.

Nissan Evalia though looks boxy in design, has been already awarded 2010, International Van of the Year award. The car though looks smaller than Toyota Innova but has oodles of space in it and can give Innova a rethink on its price compared to the features and comfort that it offers. Nissan Evalia when reviewed from front has a peculiar Nissan's smiling grill and aerodynamically shaped bonnet.

Nissan does not categorize it into a Van and neither does it call it as an MPV, however Nissan has invented a whole new category called as the ‘Urban Utility Class Vehicle’ – a product developed to meet a versatile needs of an urban male.

The Nissan's Evalia will come fitted with a tried and tested K9K Diesel motor, fitted with a 85 bhp, 200N-M torque engine. The other features and highlights of Evalia are as below-

  • Evalia will deliver 19.3 Kmpl in ideal conditions                                                                               
  • 2+3+3 Seater with ample boot space - Highest in competition
  • Nissan aims to increase sales to 66,000 in this year
  • ABS + Follow me home headlamps and electrically adjustable headlamps standard
  • Looks upmarket - compared to Xylo and Innova however is actually smaller than both in length
  • 4.4 m long, 1.88m high and 1.69 m wide. 
  • Wheelbase of 2.73m - 95mm greater than Nissan's X-Trail
  • Monocoque body weighing around 1400Kgs
  • Reknowned K9K 85 bhp, 200N-m torque motor fitted
  • Rear AC vents for third row but lacks for middle row
  • Reverse parking camera available but no audio assist / parking sensors
  • Could be exported to other markets as well, currently under feasibility study
Apart from aerodynamically shaped bonnet, the single barrel headlamps are sweptback to give a very stylish appeal. There is a dash of chrome to the V-Shaped grill adds to the premiumness of Evalia.The front bumper of the car is too big and compliments the huge size of the car.

The side profile of Nissan Evalia is where we think the car maker has done something wrong, the design is too flat to appeal and has straightaway been picked up from the Van like image of the car. Also, the windows of the second row open a little, butterfly shaped opening, as you can see in the image. But, to our surprise the third row windows donot open and are fixed . Thanks to the roof mounted air conditioning vents for third row which makes it atleast comfortable for rear seat passengers to breathe.

Nissan Evalia does comes with lot of feature installed, like the rear parking camera, which is next to the MID near the speedometer. The MID also gives you average FE, real time FE, digital fuel gauge, distance traveled, vehicle door warning light distance to empty apart from the regular features. Just next to it you will find a space which is actually a rear view parking camera, and you dont have to tilt your neck too much while you are parking your car and with the help of this camera, you can easily park this monster in your garage with confidence. MID also has a shift indicator to make sure you are driving fuel efficiently. The ORVM adjustment switches are easily reachable. There is also a small card holder next to the ORVM adjustment switch, which is a practical addition.

The dashboard you will find too sleek and simple in design with i10 like gearbox mounted on the dashboard giving you oodles of space on front floor between the driver and co-driver seat. What we also did not liked is the glove box which is wide, but has no lid, which means no privacy. Moreover, any thing you place over there can jump out back in case of heavy braking, if applied.

The ingress and egress is easy for the front passengers, thanks to the side step, without which its difficult to enter the huge Evalia, which is placed much above the ground. The car has a ground clearance of 180mm. However, you dont get side steps as a factory fitted but have to get it as an additional accessory. Once you strap yourself into the buckets seat, you notice the steering wheel is below your arm’s length. It takes time to get used to the driving position of the Evalia simply because the seating position is unlike Innova and Xylo. The glass house provides awesome visibility and a great view of the road ahead.

The Evalia comes with a factory fitted two-din music system. with CD and Aux functionality but no USB. The four speakers provide a quality listening experience. The dashboard color is shared much from its siblings, Sunny and Micra infact the steering wheel also looks alike but lacks audio mounted steering controls. The fuel lid is placed near to the driver's seat outside, as seen in the image.

The back looks straight and simple too and has Mahindra Scorpio like Tail lamps. This, as per us is a no nonsense car and offers great features, however we still think it will be bought for commercial applications.

The parcel tray and grab handles are available for the second row passengers, which makes the ingress and egress easy for passengers and having food or even reading a book easy on long journeys with the help of parcel trays on back side of front seats, for use of second row passengers.                                 

We will have to wait for the company to give us the pricing details and see where the car stands in market vis-a-vis its competitors which are now perfectly positioned in their segment. The presence of dead pedal also makes the ride comfortable in its segment.

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