Saturday, 11 August 2012

Duster Limousine done by group of students - Images

A group of 23 students as a part of their EPA (Engineering projects Auto) during their masters have managed to carve out a Limousine out of a  Dacia Duster.

The car was managed to be cut from B pillar and additional 59 inches of sheet metal was added to extend the wheelbase to 5.83 metres long. 

The weight of 1.6 tons of this wheel still carries 16 inch alloy wheels with no change and 1.6L petrol engine.

On the inside, there is a whole new story. It has four captain seats with a television and an android tablet. With the new black-white scheme, the interiors now look more premium.

We see a cool matte black paint job on the outside with a strange brushed aluminum plate to make the side profile interesting.


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