Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Diesel to be hiked by Rs 5 and Petrol by Rs 3-4 per liter next month

Fuel prices hike have been a common thing these days but price hike of Diesel - yes you heard it right !

Government is supposed to be working on the impact of diesel price hike in recovering the loses that the state owned oil companies have already incurred till date in this year. The government deregulated the prices of petrol in 2010 leaving it to the oil companies to hike the prices of petrol whenever required. However, on diesel there has been no decision taken till date and hence the price advantage is passed on to the consumers till now.

However, it has now been supposed to be believed that the government is working on a proposal to increase a one time hike in tax of diesel cars however on one side they are also proposing to increase the price of diesel and petrol from next month.

The diesel is expected to be increased by Rs 5 per liter and petrol by Rs 3-4 per liter starting from next month.


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