Tuesday, 21 August 2012

2013 Toyota Auris leaked brochure to give us details of upcoming Corolla sedan

Toyota Corolla sedan which is widely known as Auris in other countries have the leaked brochures out now and we can expect the new Corolla sedan on the similar lines too.

Images of a Japanese brochure showing off the next-generation Toyota have emerge on the ‘net and, despite being festooned with Japanese text, a number of numerics and brand-specific terms reveal some interesting information about the upcoming Golf rival.

The images show a sleeker, streamlined body shape replete with Toyota’s new familial face; a “smiling” grille flanked by narrower headlamps reminiscent of those on the current Prius. The rear styling incorporates brake lamps that are more horizontal than those of the current model. The new car is also expected to be around 55 mm longer.

Still some way off, but perhaps more important to Toyota’s global plans, is the next-generation Toyota Corolla. Earlier this year, Toyota officials from Brazil, India, Thailand, Japan and the USA were reportedly invited to the unveiling of a mock-up of the forthcoming Corolla.

The new car, codenamed A140 will be built at a number of countries, one of which could potentially be South Africa. The new Corolla is likely to be launched on the Japanese market during the second half of 2013.


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