Thursday, 30 August 2012

2013 Honda Accord Interiors incl. Dashboard revealed - Images

The interior design of the new generation Honda Accord has recently leaked, revealing the new dashboard, instrument cluster, steering wheel and more. After the 2013 Honda Accord has been officially revealed just a month ago, this time it was interiors - the complete dashboard which has left no scope for guess works.

From these images, we can see that the driver’s side of the Accord looks good. The clock-face gauges boast a large, center-mounted speedometer flanked by the tachometer on one side and the fuel and temperature gauges on the other. The steering wheel boasts a clean setup of buttons that don’t look too overwhelming. You also get the “Start/Stop” button, an “Econ” button, and what looks to be a TPMS reset button (tire mounters of the world will rejoice over this one).

Stay tuned for more images and information.


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