Sunday, 1 July 2012

Volkswagen Polo R WRC jumps into air during tests - VIDEO

The Volkswagen is getting their Polo R for WRC next year. The car was on testing, as soon as the car was spotted the first, second and the third time, the words that came out of our mouth was "Oh god...who's got the remote of this car" . It seemed as if we are seeing one of the remote controlled video game.

The superb jumping ability of this car, the noise emitters and the amazing control of this car makes us say "Wao...VW should consider this as one of their production model".

You can now go and watch the video but do consider our recommendations for the best performance of this video. Put on your headphones of good quality with full voice control (only for racing fans as this might conk off your earplugs or even headphones). Go and grab the super quality testing video now.


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