Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Petrol , Diesel & LPG prices hiked again

Petrol and Diesel prices have hiked yet again. The price increase has been for Kolkata and Mumbai, while a price cut for Chennai has been announced. For Delhi, there is no change in prices of Diesel or Petrol.

The price increase / decrease region wise are as follows

Kolkata - Petrol - Increased by Rs 2.52. Diesel - Increased by Rs 0.92
Mumbai - Petrol - Increased by Rs 0.91. Diesel - Increased by Rs 0.89
Chennai - Petrol - Decreased by Rs 0.97. Diesel - Decreased by Rs 0.12

Domestic LPG price has been hiked by Rs 19.43 per 14.2-kg cylinder in Assam, by Rs 9.16 in Bihar and Rs 8.72 per bottle in Maharashtra. LPG will cost Rs 9 more at Rs 423 in Mumbai but there will be no change in rates in Delhi where it is sold at Rs 399.26 per bottle.In Kolkata prices have come down by Rs 4 to Rs 401 and in Chennai by Rs 7 to Rs 386.50

But the rates of domestic cooking gas have been cut by Rs 10.18 per cylinder in Gujarat, by Rs 7.01 in Tamil Nadu, Rs 3.86 in West Bengal and Rs 4.15 in Odisha. It costs Rs 405 in Kolkata and Rs 393.50 in Chennai.

In totality, petrol and diesel were hiked in 7 states while it was slashed in 11 states. These rates are over and above the hike announced yesterday


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