Monday, 9 July 2012

Lamborghini rams into 10 BMW motorcycles and a showroom - Images

A Lamborghini Murcielago caused much havoc at the spot where the car crashed into 10 brand new BMW superbikes and a showroom outside which the bikes were standing.

No injuries were reported either to driver, co passenger or showroom staff but repair bills are sure to mount for the entire stock in the BMW dealers showroom was a total write off. The Murcielago too received injuries to front and right hand side. No other passersby or other vehicles in the vicinity suffered any sort of damage.

This is not the first of such crashes. Drivers of super powerful vehicles seem to find it difficult to control. Earlier last week, another Murcielago LP640-4 was damaged in Russia. The crash took place in St. Petersburg when the rear axle of the vehicle hit a curb and a lamp post. The body took a beating but no real damage ensued.

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