Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Chevrolot brings out its MPV Spin

The Tavera has been GM's workhorse for ages now, but with the all new Spin, Chevrolet wants to home in on that very lucrative family MPV market. One look at the sales figure of the Toyota Innova which has been around forever is enough to tell you that a 'well made' MUV is a sure-shot formula to success. And now with the recently launched Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, this segment boiling and how. And it's easy to fathom why this is such a popular segment. There is lots of space, an efficient oil burner under the hood and now thanks to the Ertiga, smart compact dimensions as well.

GM not wanting to stay behind has just debuted its all new MPV, the Chevrolet Spin at Sao Paulo in Brazil. Looking at the pictures, the Spin comes across as quite a funky looking MPV. It has a Chevrolet family face and as a result cannot be mistaken for anything else. In the front, Spin has Chevrolet's traditional split grille along with narrow headlights that reinforce its unique personality and visual appeal. Its rugged visual appeal is further accentuated by impressive side lines and a high belt line.

With the wheelbase at 2,620 millimeters, the Spin can provide space for up to five passengers in the two-row LT version and up to seven passengers in thethree-row LTZ version. Theater-style seating ensures those in all rows a clear view of the road ahead while maximizing roominess. There are up to 23 different combinations of positions for the seats. Its glove box and storage space in the front doors can hold 2-liter water bottles. Everything is within reach, from the instrument cluster to the 32 accessory pockets. GM definitely has the practicality bit covered.

Interiors look pretty refreshing too with the two-tone instrument panel having a "jewel effect" with a silver finish and chrome accents. Gauges have an exclusive font and Ice Blue illumination found in other Chevrolet models. Spin also has a USB port along with an analog tachometer and digital speedometer. While internationally the Spin is powered by a 1.8 litre petrol engine, expect an oil burner or a multi-jet unit from the Fiat stable to power the Spin once it makes its way on Indian shores.

The Spin as of now will be produced at GM's Sao Caetano do Sul plant in Brazil for markets in South America, followed by production at GM's Bekasi manufacturing facility in Indonesia. We think an Indian debut will follow suit soon. If GM gets the engine and the pricing right, the Spin has everything it takes to tickle the buying buds of the Indian consumers and more. Keep watching this space for more.


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