Sunday, 29 July 2012

Buy an Audi with just a Touch at Audi City - Images

Buying a car might not have been this much fun, but Audi just raised the bar. By launching Audi City near Piccadilly in London, now customers can have a detailed look at the entire range electronically.The new digital showroom leads potential buyer to three massive screens that Audi calls 'power walls'. It's almost like walking into a video game. So once the model you want to analyse has loaded, you can pick a colour, the trim and other details.

That's not it. You can watch it drive and hear the opening and shutting of doors and the engine noise through overhead speakers.Then you can move over and pick from life-like paint finishes and trims. Once you're through that, your desired car will show up. The guys at Audi City will save the car and its details on a memory stick, and you can walk into any Audi dealership and make the purchase.

By 2015, Audi hopes to open about 20 more digital stores.


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