Saturday, 14 July 2012

Breaking & Exclusive - Mazda to launch Compact SUV - CX-5 in India in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki, Spy shots inside

In an exclusive breaking news which was brought to us today morning, while we came across a Mazda Crossover SUV, CX-5 testing in Gurgaon. This was a grey colored car which was on a test run in Gurgaon. The car was an automatic variant and had plush leather seats with chrome inserts on the door trim and few points on dashboard too. The Mazda logo was removed on the front and rear part which made us make several speculations about the car, as the car was totally uncamouflaged but the Mazda logo was removed.

Before we could make any speculations our eyes went on to the driver and before we started questioning him about the model, our eyes went on to the identity card which he was wearing and to our surprise it was a Maruti Suzuki card. We asked him several questions to which he replied calmly two cars are on the test run in Gurgaon - One a grey variant and another a black variant which has been imported from Japan as of now, but he says the car will be produced locally in Gurgaon only at Maruti Suzuki plant as both the companies are about to enter into some sort of collaboration.

If the above news comes out to be true, it could be a fantastic news for the car lovers in India and for the Indian automobile industry. This crossover seemed to be ultra luxurious in terms of plush interiors with very high quality leather and dashboard. The chrome inserts on the door trim and even on the dashboard seemed to be of very high end quality.

Maruti Suzuki if places its cards right, and prices this product aptly or to be more precise, in the range of Renault Duster will be a huge success in India and we are sure Maruti could certainly be back on its good old days of more than 50% market share if the above news seems to be correct.

Stay tuned for more information. However, till then hook on to our Facebook page for complete Image gallery of Mazda CX-5 and more news.


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