Monday, 16 July 2012

BMW Ultimate F30 3 series spotted while promotion - to be launched on 03rd August 2012

We had already informed our readers that BMW 3 series will be launched on 03rd August. As per the company's website, which they have created a new microwebsite the carmaker has placed a countdown timer for the launch.

Just a couple of hours after we informed our readers, we were out for a hunt and got some BMW Ultimate 3 series on the road while promotion. There were 3 BMW spotted with Ultimate 3 graphics on the body which confirmed the same.

With the F30 3 Series, BMW India will hope to put more space between itself and Audi. While the interiors of the new 3 series sedan are definitely roomier than the outgoing model, the car also gets a revamp in terms of interior styling. On the outside too, styling has been revised with an all new front and rear. The car now looks like a smaller F10 5 Series sedan, rather than a grown up 3 series. This design philosophy is similar to what BMW adopted with the F10 5 Series sedan which, when launched was seen by many as a smaller version of the 7 Series luxury saloon. All in all, BMW seems to be moving towards a family face for most of its car models and the new F30 3 Series reflects just that.

You could also notice the red colored interiors in this new car from the images. We wonder whether these will be standard or form only a part of promotion campaign. The pricing information is still unknown at this point of time, however stay tuned for all other details for the launch on 03rd August 2012.

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