Saturday, 28 July 2012

Another combination of a hatchback - New Polo and Sedan under development by Volkswagen India

Volkswagen India has already seen the hit dual combo of Polo and Vento. Also Skoda, the brand managed by Volkswagen, where in the production takes in same plant, also worked under the same strategy of launching a hatchback-sedan duo of Skoda Fabia and Rapid. This makes the customer share platforms thus sharing lots of initial costs and thereby providing more features at a lower price to the customer, as demanded by the emerging markets like India.

It has been brought into light that the German car maker, Volkswagen India is now working on a similar combination - however the company officials claim this would be another deadly combination of New Polo and a sedan based on same platform. The company is still under discussion with the auto component players for localization of parts and would like to reduce the costs to a minimal basis, thereby increasing the features for the Indian customer.

The new duo will hit the market somwhere in early 2014, however no confirmation has been given on the same by the company officials.


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