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Tips on how to save money while buying a brand new Car

You want a car and brand new at that, for that sense of luxury and fulfillment? Being able to purchase a first and brand new car using your own money is indeed a huge accomplishment. There are many great deals out there not just from official car dealers, almost all of which may offer discounts and freebies. Banks may offer friendly car loans at reasonable prices and terms. Whichever angle you look at it, a car is a car, and it will be a large expense more so if the car is a brand new one. In our poor economy state, it will not be good to choose foolishly and waste money. In this article, we will talk about tips for you to make that wise choice and for you to drive away with that brand new car of your dreams!

  6 Tips on Buying that Car

  Go to the Internet and Research : This may be the most important step to purchasing a vehicle. Whether you will buy a brand new or used one, it is a must to do research to gain all sorts of info you will need to ensure the best possible purchase. One great way to start your research is searching for all sorts of car forums and for communication with car enthusiasts. To further narrow down the search, use keywords like the target car model you want to buy and add in the word “forum” or “message board”. For sure you will able to gain information from those, about opinions and information about the car of your choice, the SRP of the car, and possible places to get good automotive deals possible.

  Find the Best Car Dealer Brand new automobiles are most likely can be found in official car dealers. But each dealer branch may have their own promotions, and finding the best one that fits your finances will surely benefit you as a buyer. The best approach here is to go for the car dealer that is willing to negotiate. Before starting the negotiations with the dealer, it will be wise to first inquire banks for car loans. Some banks may offer car loans at affordable terms, so ask the car dealer if they can beat the financing deal you have from your bank. Normally dealers may offer a better rate, but ensure that you know all the payment terms from both your bank and the dealer, dig all possible hidden costs from both, and determine the best dealer.


Cash It! Generally speaking, acquiring a product in cash will be cheaper. As it is the most liquid of all and discounts may be given in cash modes of payments. So consider withdrawing cash from your bank and use it as your purchasing fund. But remember to stay safe when carrying huge sums of cash.

  Take Note of 0% Deals Surely you have seen many 0% deals out there. These are very catchy deals as you can purchase an item without actually paying for the whole amount all at once, and payment is made in reasonable periods of time frames with no added costs or interests. But be cautious as sometimes 0% deals are not always the best as it may turn out to be more expensive than borrowing money from someone else. Always make sure to compute the total cost of the whole payment term and compare that value with your other options. There will be also options for rebate, which is also catchy as you will get a part of your money back. But then again, compute! There are interests options in rebates so do your math and know the lowest resulting method of payment.

  No Extras Please! This is a common pitfall of car buyers. Most of the time, car dealers or salesman will offer extra upgrades or perks for your car like tint, seat covers, and even car insurance. These things may be purchased elsewhere at a much cheaper rate. Some may even hint or lie about warranty being required, but they are really not. Again, do research on the additional stuffs that your car may have, and know the most cost-efficient source before deciding on your extra add on purchase.

 Go to the Dealer Ready!

This is it! If you are ready, and after all the snooping around for the greatest deal, go to the car dealer ready! Knowing all the information can allow you to do the best negotiations possible. Once equipped with all the offers out there, use those as gauge for making those negotiations with the car dealer and lure out from them the best offer, and hope and pray that the offer is the best among all offers you have researched. Never ever decide to buy at once and go to the car dealer without doing research first as you may end up as prey for their costly offers. They will surely hate you if you are equipped with the right bank arrangements in mind for you to negotiate with. For added chances of success, you may opt to bring the cash with you! Upon knowing their so called final offer, and if it not as good as those previous offers you inquired about, or you know that they can still give you a much better offer, do tell them that you have all the cash with you right now, and who knows, they might give you the lowest possible offer! So there you go! Follow these tips and you will have high chances of driving away with your brand new Land Rover Evoque or the upcoming 2013 Ford Escape with the least amount of cash required! Just ensure you have the money, do your research, and everything will fall into place. Reflect on things first and make sure you really need a brand new car. If you do not have enough cash, think of getting a second hand car instead, or save more money for that brand new car you have been eyeing!

Author bio: Alexis Thompson is a former Mountain Backpacker and a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian. She is into almost all types of Music especially The Fray and Hillsong. She also has a passion in Singing and Scrap Booking. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.


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