Thursday, 14 June 2012

Renault Duster may be launched in July 2012 in India

Renault Duster is undoubtedly the most awaited launch model in India for the year 2012. The french based car maker had launched three models under its flagship brand in India in 2011, Koleos, Fluence and Pulse.

Renault Duster launch is not only awaited by the buyers but also for the seller "Renault". The company says“The launch of the Duster is undoubtedly the most important event in India since we re-established Renault here and, I daresay, also the most important at least for the next two years,” Mr Stephen Norman, Senior Vice-President, Global Marketing and Communications, told.

Though Renault will be launching other cars in India, he reiterated none of them would have the potential of the Duster. “For the price that we are going to be selling it, we will be offering a good looking, robust, modern and fully loaded SUV where, currently with the exception of the new XUV 500, the competition has absolutely nothing,” Mr Norman said.

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Even more important, given the company's volume plans, the Duster will be accessible to people who are buying ‘small sedans'. From Renault's point of view, in every other market (with one or two exceptions) where it has launched this ‘sector-breaker' vehicle, the numbers have exceeded its initial projections. This is precisely why the company believes that if it does not make a success of the Duster in India, its plans in this market will be compromised to that extent. This could have a direct bearing on vehicle volumes eventually.

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Through this comment of the company's senior official, we believe the car would be launched at a price tag of Rs 8 - 12 Lakh.  In the mean while. click here to view complete details of all the three variants to be launched in India for Renault Duster. The car, as per the company officials will be launched in July 2012.

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