Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lindsay Lohan crashes his RENTED Porsche 911

The Image you see below once used to be a brand new Porsche 911, which was happily rented to Lindsay lohan, but who knew the mean girl would ram in into the truck and leave the car no where. Reports say that the accident happened while she was driving her rented black Porsce 911 to the sets of Liz & Dick, the movie based on the life and times of late Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor.

Reports suggest that Lohan was driving the Porsche at the time with her assistant in the passenger seat. The entire front was wrecked as the car clearly hit the back of an 18-wheel truck. Lohan reportedly blamed the accident on the truck driver changing lanes without any indication. The truck driver appears to be claiming the opposite, that Lohan simply drove into the back of trailer.

Following the incident, Lohan was bundled into the back of a Cadillac Escalade and taken to hospital while her assistant was taken in an Ambulance. Police are investigating the incident and have confirmed so far that neither of the drivers were intoxicated.


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