Friday, 15 June 2012

IIT-B students unveil their first electric racing car EVo1

Students of the IIT-Bombay racing team unveiled their first electric racing car, EVo1, on Thursday. 

More than 60 students from multipledisciplines, including mechanical, electrical and energy science, have come together to design this car, which was unveiled in presence of the sponsors and the institute's dean of research and development, Rangan Banerjee. 

The team also revealed that they have already started work on the 2013 edition of the same car with enhanced features. The work on EVo2 has already begun and will be much better than its predecessor in terms of grip and performance, the students said. 
Prateek Sharma, one of the project managers of EVo1, said, "In EVo1, two motors are coupled with each other mechanically and used. The technology used in this version is mechanical differential. But we are planning to use the two motors independently in the next version. The technology used there will be of electronic differential. This will give more grip and also increase the performance by reducing the time taken to cover each lap during the race." 

The car will operate on electric power with the help of lithium polymer batteries. The race car has no tailpipe emissions, thus leaving negligible carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

The innovation is all set to compete with 109 cars at the Silverstone Formula-1 racing track in the United Kingdom. In 2009, the racing team of the institute had developed a chip-powered formula car. 

"The entire budget of the car comes to around Rs 15 lakh. If the same race car is designed without the electrical component, that is if it runs on engine, the car will cost around Rs 12 lakh," said Sharma. 

The new electric race car has also thrown open new arenas of development of technologies such as motor controllers, battery management systems, electronic differential, which will be used in the second edition of the car. 

Acceleration: 0-100 kmph in 5 seconds 

Top speed: 115 kmph 

Weight: 280 kg without driver 

Power: 32 kW maximum 

Range: 35 km in one charge 

Charging time: 3 hours 


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