Friday, 1 June 2012

Hyundai i20 will race with VW polo at 2013 WRC season

The Hyundai i20 is far from being the best handler in its segment, but that has not deterred the Korean automaker from entering the World Rally Championship (WRC) next year. Hyundai is preparing a WRC version of the i20, which will take on the Volkswagen Polo-R in the popular sport. Now details about the rally-speced i20 are scarce but people familiar with the development reveal that Hyundai has asked its suppliers to be ready with parts for the rally version of the popular hatchback.

When Hyundai takes field at the 2013 WRC, it will be nearly a decade after which Hyundai quit the series. Hyundai participated in the WRC from 2000 to 2003, without much success. In the ensuing decade when it was away from the sport, Hyundai has grown into a big power in the car industry, with its products being big sellers across the world. So, the firm will be hoping to do well in the rally circuit as well. More importantly, participation in the 2013 WRC is expected to give Hyundai a good opportunity to improve the ride and handling of its products, two factors that Hyundai has been lagging behind in.

We would be eager to take on this challenger, wherein the two leaders of segment will compete.


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