Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Guest Post - The NEW Mini John Cooper Works GP - The Fastest Mini Ever Built

The recently launched Mini John Cooper Works GP represents the fastest Mini ever built,
and builds on previous GP Kit and Mini S Cooper generations in significant ways. The
Works GP car is faster, more durable and lighter as a road enabled track car, and is set to be
one of the most sought after limited edition Minis on the market this year, with only 2000
models currently available.

However, the turbo hikes given to the Mini, and the amount of development that has so far
gone into its design, suggests that it may act as a bridge to the launch of a third generation
Mini for 2013. In some ways, the Mini GP has many of the features of the Mini Cooper S,
in particular its roll cage handling. At the same time, the car is set to push about the standard
John Cooper model, and will be more expensive, with a price of around $70,000.

Engine and Performance

The Mini John Cooper Works GP features a 1.6 litre petrol, twin scroll turbo engine. Kumho
tyres and a more aerodynamic frame also help to make the car on average 19 seconds faster
than its GP predecessor, with a brake horse power of 220. These specs were recently tested
at Germany’s Nuburgring circuit, with the Mini believed to be able to hit 0-100 km/h in less
than 6.5 seconds. A similar motor sport design influences the car’s powertrain, while it is also
features a stronger chassis.

The car is also designed to feature race suspension for lighter and more flexible drivers,
as well as an improved airflow through the engine, and a race braking system. The airflow
feature will be managed by an exclusive rear diffuser. The level of suspension strength for
the car can be adjusted, while the car is engineered to reduce the amount of drag. As with
elements of the Mini Cooper S and previous John Cooper Works models, the car will allow
for this kind of adaptation for road and circuit racing.

Style and Design

One of the most stylishly designed Minis to date, the Mini John Cooper Works GP includes a
diffuser, side skirts, rear spoilers and a classic Mini front grilles well as limited edition Mini
graphics. The interior is also optimised for driving performance, with two Recaro bucket
seats and a rear that gives more room for body stiffening and lighter handling through a roll
cage, a key feature of previous Mini Cooper S designs. Racing tyres and wheels will also be

The overall design focus will be on driver performance and speed, rather than providing
additional space, making the car one of the most distinctive motor sport and road hybrids.
With the 2,000 initial production line set to be gradually released in early 2013 following
some final refinements to the model, the final release Mini John Cooper Works GP will be a
highly desirable addition to the Mini brand, and one that should set up further innovations in
speed and performance.

Author Bio:
Serena is currently working with Cooper Mini in an exciting project involving research into
the latest in automotive technology and innovation from BMW. Serena is also a copywriter,
car enthusiast and a regular blogger within the motor industry.


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