Thursday, 14 June 2012

2013 Ferrari Enzo spy shots - caught yet again

We're not genuinely concerned... yet. Though these latest spy photos show the latest version of Ferrari's next top-of-the-line machine out in the Italian public wearing embarrassingly ugly bodywork, we're still taking a wait-and-see attitude and holding out hope that the upcoming Prancing Horse hypercar is a stunner. If it ends up looking more like the F40 or F50 than the Enzo... well, that would be just fine by us, too.

Compared to the last set of Enzo-successor spy photos we saw, this latest iteration looks much more complete and somewhat more integrated as a while. The extra-wide gaping maw is still there, as are radical fender peaks, doors that open well into the roof and dual coolers atop the rear wheel arches. Note, too, the impossibly wide tires at the rearmost corners.

As much as we'd love to share hard details with you, we're all just going to have to wait until the 2013 Geneva Motor Show for that. Speculation, though, is always welcome, and the rumormill points to a hybrid V12 powerplant with enough ponies for a 2.5-second sprint to 60 and a 250-mile-per-hour top speed. Stay tuned.

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