Monday, 18 June 2012

Dacia Duster and Yamaha offers Marine package - Get Boat free with a Duster

The Renault subsidiary, the model now with a Duster "Yamaha Marine Package". This comes on the weekends a touch Baywatch feeling.

Combine it with the Yamaha outboard motor F5 AMHS. From a displacement of 139 cubic centimeters brings the aggregate five horsepower. 

The Duster, to have regular costs € 10,990, with the boat at least 13 190 €. A surcharge of 2.200 €, but cheaper than one would obtain the boat-motor combination directly from Yamaha. There, it costs € 2620 namely. 

The boat is 3.06 meters long, 1.58 meters wide and can accommodate four people. 600 kg can be delivered load, the floor is made of aluminum. 

When folded, the boat is in the bag 112x58x32 centimeters tall and fits into the 443 or 475 depending on the version liters comprehensive baggage compartment of the Dacia Duster.

Click below to see the Yamaha boat Video.


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