Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Chinese car maker Chery plans to enter India - to export cars from Malaysia till plant gets ready

Chinese car makers have already India to their targets, may be they feel the current cars are costlier in India and they can launch product at better price. The market at present also looks interesting in India as there are enough buyers available for a carmaker to viably set up manufacturing facility in India.

As per the recent reports, the china based car maker Chery has already initiated talks with the Indian government regarding the set up of new plant, though the location has still not been disclosed neither by the car maker nor by any of respective state official.

The car maker says the approvals are taking time but we do not want to waste out time and till we get approvals, we will start exporting the product, we assume it to be a small car Chery QQ3. We cannot predict the pricing as this being the Chinese car maker can unveil the product at some crazy prices, who knows this car might even be placed at prices levels as low as a Tata Nano, no guesses for this one.

However, sources also tell that Chery QQ3 was being caught testing in New Delhi a couple of days before. However, no official photographs confirm the same. There is no second thought that car makers are planning new products for Indian market and that too at lower rates which could heat up the competition again.

Stay tuned for more information, images, spy shots and details.


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