Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Steve Jobs dreamt of building a car: Apple board member VIDEO

Late Apple visionary co-founder Steve Jobs, who created iconic gadgets like iPhones, iPods and Mac computers, was also considering creating an iCar, an official of the tech giant has revealed. 

Apple's board member Mickey Drexler revealed Jobs' desire to add an automobile to the company's product lineup during a recent interview at the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored expo in New York"Look at the car industry - it's a tragedy in America," Stuff.co.nz quoted Drexler as saying. "They talk about expense, they talk about this - and then you say, well 'who's designing the cars?' Steve's dream, before he died, was to design an iCar," he added. Drexler also said that if Jobs had designed the car, it would have dominated the industry. "It would've been probably 50 per cent of the market," the report quoted him, as saying. According to the report, Apple has been rumoured to be working on an iCar for years. In 2007, Steve Jobs met with Volkswagen Group head Martin Winterkorn. The companies were reportedly planned to team up to work on a car aimed at the youth market.

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