Thursday, 31 May 2012

Renault to launch Duster soon, expect shocking price strategy for India

As per Renault India's strategy, the car maker had said the first two cars will be launched at premium, the company launched Koleos and Fluence, but the car maker said the rest three models will be priced competitively. The car maker is all set to launch Duster SUV for Indian market in August.

The car maker says the production will start at its plant in July and will launch once the production starts.  The company has seen the pricing strategy for Maruti's Ertiga and has seen the response, Maruti's gates floods with orders, resulting into another long waiting period of the car.

As per the sources, the car maker is expected to launch car with Petrol variant pricing around Rs 6 Lac and diesel variant costing little more than Rs 7 Lac. If the car maker launches the SUV at above mentioned price, the car maker might gain a potential chunk of market share of SUV's and thus become key player in Indian market.

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