Saturday, 5 May 2012

Force India to pay $1 million within 14 days as legal costs as a penalty, order by High Court of London

Force India was ordered by a British court on Friday to pay legal costs of 650,000 pounds ($1 million) to rival Formula One team Caterham after a dispute about intellectual property.

This is additional to the amount that Force India needs to pay to former wind tunnel partner Aerolab as part of the same case, and this takes the total outflow of Force India to $2.2 million.

Force India also launched legal proceedings against former technical director Mike Gascoyne and 1Malaysia Racing Team, which became Team Lotus and then Caterham.

In his Judgement in March, Mr Justice Arnold rejected Force India's claim, saying the Silverstone-based team had "come nowhere near establishing" there had been systematic copying.

The judge did, however, award Force India £20,900 over use of its intellectual property rights, which he said had been used as a "shortcut" to speed up the development of the Team Lotus car for the 2010 season.


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